Private games

We would be happy to organize a private party for you and your friends/colleagues! This might be a game for any group of people: birthday party for kids, team-building for companies of any scale, get-together activity at any party. The Look&run game perfectly suits those who want to have a great and active time outside. What do we offer?

  1. Custom scenario for your special day. What does this mean? You select location of the game, game length, its theme and state other preferences. Then we create a game according to all these wishes!
  2. We are with you throughout the whole event, from start till finish, from giving all the instructions at the beginning till announcing the results and winners at the end of the game.
  3. We will also provide a high-quality photo-report of your game.
  4. For more info contact us by e-mail [email protected]

Here's a piece of feedback we got after organizing a team-building event for one company in Helsinki read more