About the game

Look&run is a big and exciting quest of city-scale proportions. The game is organized as an open public competition between different teams, which are supposed to find a sequence of keys hidden in various places of the city.

During the game you must solve riddles, search for particular locations, and perform various tasks while competing against other teams and time itself! We usually organize different types of games, e.g. games on bicycles, games in metro or walking/running games. You may always find all the info on the closest upcoming game here.

We also organize private games like team-buildings for companies, birthday parties for kids/adults, surprises for your beloved or any other events for you and your friends. Read more

Look&run is an exciting pastime which will introduce you to new places, new puzzles, new interesting people and give you the chance to be more active! Form the team (1-4 people), register for the next game and try it for yourself!

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Selezniov Pavel
project lead

Gorskikh Olga
project lead

Elezovic Emina

Nikulina Valeria

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